What in the heck is a AdultInfoCard, and why would you want one? Most adults have either a driver’s license or an identification card issued by their state DMV office.  But there are several very good reasons why you might also want to carry an AdultInfoCard.  The back of each AdultInfoCard is available for information regarding medications, medical information, allergies, insurance information, and virtually any information that might be useful for someone to know if you weren’t able to speak to them.  That information, together with contact information on the front of the AdultInfoCard, means that in the event of an accident, medical professionals would know how to care for you and who to contact. That means that adults with health or cognitive issues, and their families, can have much great peace of mind.

Sometimes an adult is asked for multiple Photo ID’s, which can be a problem if they only have their license with them.  The AdultInfoCard can be the perfect solution. It is not a government issued proof of identity, but when just an additional photo ID is requested, it is generally accepted.

Your safety and the safety of your other family members is the most important consideration, but why should you choose the AdultInfoCard over competitors on the market?  First of all, because it’s a plastic card, rather than a laminated paper card.  The AdultInfoCard comes with a soft, cotton lanyard which can be worn around the neck for easy access and visibility.  The lanyards come in a wide variety of vibrant colors and have a break-away catch for safety.  The AdultInfoCard is more customizable than any other card available, with the entire back of the card available for whatever information might be important.  Things like health insurance information, allergies, medications, extra contacts, behavior or physical issues, etc., can all be printed on the card.

Any questions about the AdultInfoCard?  Just call 800-462-2328 or email sharon@travel-idcard.com with “question” in the subject line.  To check out all our products, go to the shopping card site, www.travel-idcard.com.

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